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The plumbing system is one of the most important parts of any modern home, and we expect it to work flawlessly every day out of the year. As one can imagine, this simply does not happen without regular maintenance. Even when you have your plumbing system regularly maintained, plumbing emergencies can still occur. At First Choice Plumbing Inc, we are your reliable High Springs plumbing service company. Whether you need a simple repair or are faced with a major emergency, you can count on our expert staff for help.

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The Dangers of Plumbing Emergencies

The sad truth about plumbing systems is that even when they’re clean and well-maintained, they can still end in an emergency. And to make matters even worse, there are some companies that don’t offer emergency services. At First Choice Plumbing Inc, we are your experienced emergency plumbers and can help with a range of emergencies, including:

  • Burst Pipes: Old or damaged plumbing can eventually burst when under enough strain. Not only can this stop your plumbing from working, but also it can pour gallons of water into your home as well.
  • Severe Clogging: Clogs are a common problem. However, they can get severe enough that they stop all water from flowing. If there is no water in a specific fixture or in your entire system, there’s a major issue.
  • Sewer Line Damage: Your sewer lines are responsible for removing wastewater. If they’re damaged or leaking, it will not only create an unsightly issue but also can lead to unsanitary conditions as well.
  • Cracked Water Heaters: The water heater in your home, if you have a tanked unit, generally holds gallons of water. If it’s cracked or damaged, it can quickly pour tons of water into your home. Not only can this lead to water damage, but it will also require a water heater replacement.

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Here’s Why Your Drains Are Clogging

The number one reason for plumbing emergencies is clogged drains. This is because of how narrow plumbing system pipes are, to begin with. It is extremely easy for the plumbing system to experience clogs without the homeowner even noticing.

That said, when you have your drains professionally cleaned, it significantly reduces the risk of a plumbing emergency. Not only that, but it reduces the number of plumbing emergencies you experience in general.

If you aren’t sure of when to have your drains cleaned, here are a few of the common signs:

  • Slow-draining plumbing fixtures
  • Unusual sounds and smells
  • Fruit flies
  • Pools of water surrounding plumbing fixtures

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Warning Signs It’s Time For Water Heater Repair

The water heater gets used every single day in the modern home, multiple times a day. Without a properly working water heater, you can’t even take a shower or wash the dishes! That’s why it is crucial to understand when it’s time for water heater repair.

Some common signs include:

  • It’s age
  • Inconsistent hot water
  • Not hot water at all
  • Unusual noises
  • The tank is leaking

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