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Are you remodeling? Dealing with a slab leak? Struggling with poor water pressure? There are many reasons you would want to consider repiping your Gainesville home. If you are considering a whole-home repipe, it’s important to hire a trusted professional plumbing company to ensure the work is carried out properly.

At First Choice Plumbing Inc, our expertly trained technicians work quickly and accurately so you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time.

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When to Repipe a Home or Business

Old age is the main reason that many homeowners choose to repipe their homes. With better building materials and installation methods, homeowners like the peace of mind that comes with having new piping. All construction materials have a life expectancy. This is particularly true of plumbing materials that are expected to be in service constantly for decades at a time. Eventually, all plumbing materials will degrade and fall victim to problems that range from leaks or bursts to loss of water service.

Up until the 1970s, galvanized steel was the material of choice for plumbing. All of the galvanized steel that was used is at the end of its useful life and will need to be replaced soon. After steel was the material of choice, PVC and copper piping came into service. These materials have been in use so long that some of this piping is nearing the end of its life and its homeowners will soon be met with plumbing troubles.

At First Choice Plumbing Inc, we repipe all types of water and sewer lines in the material of your choice. There are different benefits to the different materials that are used for piping and we will take the time to educate the homeowner about what the best choice will be for them. We consistently replace hot water lines with copper or PEX and cold water lines with PVC or PEX. Is your sewer made of clay or iron pipe? Then it should be replaced, too, with modern PVC sewer and drain line. By replacing your fresh water and sewer lines, you can ensure that your piping will be problem-free for decades to come.

Why Is Rerouting or Repiping Necessary in the Case of a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a leak that occurs within your home’s piping that happens to be underneath the slab that your home is built on. Slab leaks can be notoriously difficult to find and often require special equipment to locate them. Slab leaks are dangerous because they often go unnoticed until it's too late. The slab that your home is built on supports all of the weight of the home above it. When this is compromised by a leak it can cause foundation problems. Additionally, slab leaks can leech water through the concrete up inside the home where the moisture can cause mold problems or damage walls and flooring.

In the case of a slab leak, it can be difficult to know whether you should repipe or reroute your current pipes. Simply repairing the damage will likely result in a slab leak elsewhere. Our repiping experts will help you decide on whether rerouting or repiping makes the most sense in your situation. We take great pride in our work and you can trust that we will recommend the least intrusive and most cost-effective route.

Look to our sewer camera inspection pros for main drain and plumbing line issues. We offer same-day service and around the clock support!

Benefits of Uponor PEX Piping

When it comes to picking the best material for your repiping, be sure to work with the best. Uponor PEX piping offers many benefits over other types of piping on the market:

  • Flexible and resistant to scale and chlorine.
  • Doesn’t corrode or develop pinholes.
  • Fewer connections and fittings than other types of pipes.
  • Easier to install than expensive to install than metal or rigid plastic.

First Choice Plumbing Inc only uses the highest quality materials available, so you can rest assured that you are getting the safest and most reliable installations possible. When you call us for service, our repiping experts will listen closely to your needs and provide you with an honest recommendation you can trust.

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